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Vapur 1-Litre Anti-Bottle

Vapur Wide Mouth 1-litre Element Water version of the Anti-Bottle [©MG]

A one litre bottle typically consumes a litre of space in your bergen, empty of full, but not the roll-up Vapur Anti-Bottle range, writes Mike Gormley.


Space in your bergen, rucksack or other gear transporter is always at a premium. A rigid water bottle will take up its capacity plus a bit more in volume, whether it is full or empty. This can be unnecessary and possibly annoying, especially if you do not always want or need to carry maximum capacity, all of the time or once the water is used.

As seen in the shop ~ Vapur Anti-Bottles are available in a variety of colours [©MG]

When empty the Vapur Anti-Bottle, conceived 12 years ago as a more environmentally-friendly solution to carrying throwaway drinks bottles, hence the Anti-Bottle name, is very light and can be rolled up to take up significantly less space until it is needed to contain water. The Vapur can stand up on its own or be suspended using the incorporated carabineer style hook. The cap is easy to use, can be flipped open with cold or gloved hands, clicks closed and, from my experience, is very secure. The cap also incorporates a free flowing spout to drink or pour from. To refill, the entire cap is unscrewed to provide a good sized opening to allow filling from a tap or open water source.

Showing the comparison of full and empty / rolled-up Vapur Anti-Bottles [©MG]
The Vapur can be suspended from its handy built-in carabineer-type hook [©MG]

The Vapur Anti-Bottle, brought into the UK from California by Whitby & Co of Kendal, is available in three sizes – 500ml, 700ml and 1000ml – and in a wide range of colours, including a more tactical Eclipse Blackout version. The three-ply material of the main body is BPA free, can be frozen, is dishwasher safe and seems from my use to be very robust. All in all, a very convenient way of transporting and containing your valued water supply.

The black Vapur Eclipse Blackout version will be more appropriate for many JOINT-FORCES end users ~ seen here also hanging from its versatile built-in hook [©MG]

Mission: To inspire and support active lifestyles with innovative, ultimately portable, products. Live Flexible. California-based Vapur, Inc. started in 2009 as a big idea with a simple solution. With unwelcome waste creeping into the social conscious and light shed on the ugly aftereffects of plastic, three avid outdoorsmen set out to find an answer.”

The Vapur is free standing when required which is a useful feature [©MG]
Jean taking a well-earned drink on a warm coast walk ~ the Vapur is convenient and easy to drink directly from [©MG]

[images © Mike Gormley]


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