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Feeet Socks ~ Boot, Hiker and Rambler

The range of Feeet socks in this review [©Mike Gormley]
Feeet Socks are a new brand of outdoor sock conceived in Skipton in North Yorkshire which have rapidly appeared in outdoor stores across the UK, writes Mike Gormley.


Feeet are the new kids on the block in the world of socks. The company was formed, less than a year ago, by a couple of guys who have been in the outdoor industry for a good few years. You can tell this by the notes on the product swing tags, which are well worth a read. They will make you smile.

I have been trialling three pairs of socks from the Feeet range over past weeks and have to say I like them, a lot. These are The Boot Sock, The Merino Hiker and The Rambler Walking Sock. I have been using them as my general everyday socks, and although I don’t wear suits I am sure they would be fine for this as well.

Feeet Socks are fine for everyday use, but I have also used them for more serious outings with walking boots and for this they are also ideal. I have found them consistently comfortable and now after a good deal of use they are showing little sign of wear so should last a long time – possibly not good news for Lee, who conceived them, but it is for the end user.

Lee and Russ, the guys behind Feeet, have clearly done some work on the design as all these three types have very different mixes of materials. There is a common thread, if I may use the pun, and that is elastane which give them all a flexibility and grip to keep them close to the leg and also to prevent them falling down.

The Boot and Hiker Socks are long (high and highish) and made predominantly of Merino Wool boosted by Nylon for longevity, so suited for the added endurance required for this sort of use. The Rambler as the name suggests, is for more gentle usage and is mostly Cotton based. All of these do the designated job well so worth a look in my book.

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