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Armadillo Merino Epic Boot Sock

The Armadillo Merino Epic Boot sock is very high and so for those wearing high leg footwear, such as my chainsaw boots, they are perfect [© Mike Gormley]
The Epic Boot Sock from Armadillo Merino is extra long, designed for high top boots, with padding up the shin and over and around the foot, writes Mike Gormley.


Socks and Merino wool go very well together. In this case they are not pure wool as it needs a bit of polyamide elastane to give the flexibility and support required at the top of the sock, but the next to skin surface is 100% Merino.

This works. I have worn these socks at work all day (in the main photo they are worn with my chainsaw working boots) and they stay up. They do have a head start in that they are very long / high, whichever you like to call it, and in fact come to just below the knee. On the face of it they do not come across as being super cosy but in reality they are well able to keep your feet and lower legs warm on a cold day. It works for those Merino sheep on the hills so why not you?

There is additional padding where you need it on the high contact areas of toe, heel and the Achilles. For those operating in high risk environments Merino is definitely the base layer material of choice. Extremely fire retardant and won’t melt and adhere to the wearer if things go badly wrong. Well worth bearing in mind. But for the more normal user these are just good, warm, non-smelly (Merino has great anti-bacterial properties) durable socks that will stay up.

The Epic Boot Sock is available in Olive, as here, Navy and Black [© Armadillo Merino]
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