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Bridgedale Stormsock Waterproof Boot Socks

Stormsocks come in a variety of sizes and shades, including green – the green heavy weight knee-length (not illustrated) socks are worth considering for military winter wear [©MG]
The Bridgedale Stormsock range of waterproof boot socks comes in seven weight and height variations, from light to heavy and ankle to knee, writes Mike Gormley.


Going back a number of years I was a bit of a sceptic with waterproof socks. However, moving on a good few years, things have now changed a lot.

Bridgedale, who are of course a very significant maker of socks, have cracked the waterproof sock, of which they have a wide range. The socks featured here are a blend of Merino wool and a number of man-made fibres, collectively known as Fusion Tech. This produces a slightly stiff feeling sock which is fully waterproof. As well as being waterproof it is also breathable, so your feet do not get overheated and, above all, too sweaty.

Since I have had these for evaluation, I have discovered not only does my son Angus and his workmates use them, but so do some friends of mine. Angus works in tree surgery, in all weathers, and he and his mates find these waterproof socks work well for them; on their feet all day and with hard-worked chainsaw boots that are not so waterproof. A friend of mine swears by them and has recently completed his ML (Mountain Leader) training and assessment where whenever he went out ‘on the hill’ it rained in volumes. He told me he was the only one with dry feet at the end of the several days out.

By comparison my usage has been quite limited but I have found them to be perfectly comfortable for all day in boots. That said I generally am able to wear good waterproof footwear but for those that use lighter footwear for running and light hiking and so on these will be invaluable. For water resistance, see the photo.

[images © Mike Gormley]

I resorted to the ‘tap test’ to demonstrate how Merino Wool and PU membrane Stormsocks shed water – they retained virtually no water on the surface, remained dry inside and dried very quickly [©MG]

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