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ALTBERG Jorvik Travel Shoe

Jorvik Travel Shoes - out of the box showing the Vibram Masai soles [©MG]
The ALTBERG Jorvik Travel Shoe, a derivative of one of their range of military boots aimed at the civilian market, could be considered an Approach Shoe, writes Mike Gormley.


Most of you reading this will at least have heard of ALTBERG, though some may not know that this is a 30 year old, family-owned and family-run, boot-maker with its roots firmly in Yorkshire Dales country.

The lacing system is robust and easy to use [©MG]

Everything done at ALTBERG is done with a passion, and there is a surprising amount done in this small Yorkshire town. The founder (that’s him on the box) can normally be found working away ‘round the back’ while his family look after the day-to-day running of the factory, offices and shop. ALTBERG also have a production facility in Italy so a combination of Yorkshire tradition and legendary Italian boot-making ability ensures the significant range of footwear that bears the brand name will be good.

I have known the family for a good few years now and, I am pleased to say, I have been to their Yorkshire facility and, of course, worn some of their boots… a lot. It was on a quite recent visit to the Richmond shop, as my north country family was in need of new footwear and there is nowhere better to check size and fit than the factory shop, that I acquired these Jorvik Travel Shoes. Since then I have used them in many different environments.

Soft leather round the ankle for comfort – tongue is sealed to the top to keep out debris and wet [©MG]

Aimed at the ‘traveller’, they are based around one of their desert boot models. They are a very robust shoe and clearly have boots in their DNA. This means these make a very useful item of footwear when, as normal when travelling, weight is limited. They are as good around the airport and for driving as they are over any pretty tough terrain and quite acceptable for evenings out too. However you use these, I am sure they will last you a long time.

Available through the ALTBERG Factory Shop, in UK half sizes from UK4 to UK14, the Yorvik Travel Shoe is of SFit design with similar characteristics to the AForme boot last. Upper construction is 2.0 to 2.2mm thick Nubuck Leather with Nylon, Kevlar and Polyester fabric mix. The lining is Leather back and Meshtex forefoot. The midsole is Tri-Flex 1-2 season and the outsole is Vibram Masai with a Micro midlayer and rubber toe rand.

[ images © Mike Gormley ]

The toe of the shoe is well protected against abrasion damage with a substantial rand [©MG]
Both toe and heel are well protected so hillwalking on rocky terrain is no problem for the Jorvik Travel [©MG]
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