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SOURCE Widepac 2-litre Hydration System

The SOURCE Widepac 2-litre Hydration System [©MG]
The SOURCE Widepac Hydration System is a wide-opening, easy filling, easy cleaning and easy draining water bladder available in three sizes, writes Mike Gormley.


For some years now I have been a user of SOURCE hydration products and you can see some of my previous reports and photos of these in use elsewhere in on Joint-Forces.com.

Importantly, SOURCE will keep your valuable water in a good condition to drink over a long period of time if needs be. The company has developed a special coating (their trade-marked GlassLike and GrungeGuard and TasteFree technologies) for the inside of the bladder material to prevent any bacteria forming. By accident I left water in one of my SOURCE containers for a very long time, for months, and it was fine. Conversely, I left some in another type and it was a throwaway job.

A slide-on sealing closure and fixed multi-use handle enable easy filling and cleaning [©MG]

Here I look at the 2-litre Widepac Hydration System which can be used in most backpacks or as a standalone; 1.5 and 3-litre versions are also available for those who need to carry more or less water . The drink tube plugs in to a self-sealing (SQC or SOURCE Quick Connect) coupling so can be removed and fed into a rucksack with ease and an in-line filter (not supplied) can be easily plugged in if required. The SOURCE Helix non-leaking bite valve has a twist lock and Dirt Shield valve cover.

As the name suggests the Widepac has a fully opening top. I like this. It allows for easy filling and importantly enables the interior to be easily cleaned and dried for storage. It also allows for ice to be easily put in to keep water cooler for a while. There is a built-in handle to both assist in filling and allow hanging to enable use as a camp water source as well as a mobile hydration system.

Above: The drinking tube has a self-sealing SQC coupling for ease of use ~ the SOURCE Helix bite valve with push-on Dirt Shield valve cover

[images © Mike Gormley]

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