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Snugpak Sleeka Force 35 Rucksack

On a recent trip to the Channel Islands the Sleeka Force 35 was perfect as both a travel bag and daysack [©JG]
At 35 litres the Sleeka Force 35 is able to carry a decent load and the real bonus is it fits for cabin baggage to makes a great carry on travel bag, writes Mike Gormley.


This is a really handy robust rucksack and not only is it perfect for that period when you are travelling but when you get to your destination you have a very adequate daysack. On recent trips, both with flying involved and not, it has become my default pack and is just right as a camera bag and also well able to take that spare jacket and other items.

The mesh pocket is very handy in this case to take my map – note the Velcro badge patch [©JG]

The Sleeka Force 35 has the normal features a proper rucksack should have, with a good strap system. It also has a full cover over top to keep the wet and dust out, and this includes a zip pocket. Perhaps a shame it does not also have an inner zip pocket for those small items. The two useful sized side pockets have a very effective elasticated pull over top, so no zips and clips to hinder access. Well designed, these have proved more secure than you may think. To top off the stowage there is a mesh pocket on the back with shock cord over it for the likes of a kip mat.

Well fit for purpose. Also available in Black and Olive.

[images © Jean Gormley]

The side pockets work well to take the likes of this Source 1-litre water container [©JG]
The Sleeka Force 35 carries well on long days out [©JG]

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