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Blå Band Expedition Foods

Blå Band meals on expedition [© Kieron MacKenzie]

I have been using this range of freeze-dried expedition food pouches for quite some time now and I really like them, writes Mike Gormley.


Not only is the Blå Band food content good to eat with the brand having some good nutritious menus, but also the way they are presented is very well thought out and practical for use in the field, unlike that of many competitors. They have clearly been designed by folk that use them for real.


The Swedish brand offers a good variety of nutritious menus to suit most tastes [© Kieron MacKenzie]

The fact this company is based in Sweden probably says it all. Since I started using Blå (Swedish for Blue) Band meals on treks and expeditions a good few of my outdoor active friends have taken to using them for their activities. This includes the Dartmoor Ten Tors teams were are involved with, who have used these almost exclusively for the past couple of years.


Kieron, the owner of the UK importer, recently took part in an expedition to try to climb an unknown Himalayan peak and took these foods with the team, as can be seen in the snowy photos.


In my opinion this brand is definitely well worth a try.


Footnote: A range of Blå Band meals are available for online purchase through this trekitt.co.uk web page or can be bought over the counter at their Hereford shop.

{images © Mike Gormley unless noted}

Oriental Chicken with Couscous standing for a few minutes to reconstitute during one of my treks [© MG]

Every pack has lettered fill lines on the inside with each meal type having the relevant letter on the outside to ensure correct water fill [© MG]

The horizontal design of the package makes it much easier to use, is more stable and does not mean your long spoon gets covered in food [© MG]



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