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Drink Pure Water Filtration System

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Water is essential for life and clean water is preferable, though not always easy to get, so we need to make sure we can change doubtful water into safe water, writes Mike Gormley.


We don’t have to be so far from a tap before we need to become independent, or to carry all the H2O we need, and that is heavy.


The Drink Pure filtration system is very easy to use [© MG]

I was introduced to this system by the UK distributors, New Heights, at an exhibition and was immediately impressed by the compactness and weight, or lack of it. The filter unit weighs only 150grammes or 5.25 ounces. When you put figures on it, it takes just 150 grammes to convert one tonne of water – no contest!


This is a relatively new product and comes from a crowd-funded project in Switzerland. As ever on such products I am not able to fully test, or really pass comment on, the science that goes behind them but the quoted figures tell us it will remove 99% virus and bacteria as well as odours from over 1000 litres of water. The filter, an all new design, is also self-disinfecting to keep it fresh over its life and while in storage.


Exploded diagram showing how the Drink Pure works

However as for the practicality, I can comment on this aspect. With all such things it is something we will most likely have to carry as part of our kit if going seriously off the beaten track, so it needs to be light and compact. The Drink Pure water filtration system really does this. Just bear in mind it is designed as a personal water filter and is not really big enough for group use except, of course, in an emergency.


The filter unit looks a bit like an alien spacecraft but clearly its shape is to give a good area of filter material and to keep the unit flat as well as easy to pack. It is robust and will certainly take the knocks.


Back-flushing the filter with the supplied syringe [© MG]

The input is via the larger hole which has a screw thread moulded into it of the type common to many off-the-shelf drink PET bottles so you should be able to find a bottle to use for the dirty water. There is a flat ‘squeezy’ bottle, complete with hanger, supplied and which comes with a protected drink-through cap so this could be used as a drink bottle. That said, if it has been used for dirty water input it is perhaps not wise to then use it for drinking.


The outlet is on the red side of the filter unit and is via a small hole which can accept a tube if necessary. The filtered water is then drip fed into what ever container you use so offering total flexibility. The filter can be back-washed to remove some of the filtered out contaminants and a syringe is supplied for this.


When I was first introduced to this filter I was offered a chance to try it. So we went out to the car park, filled a bottle up with very grubby puddle water, filtered it and then drank it. No ill effect’s so I guess it works okay!

{ images © Mike Gormley }


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