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New LOWA Boot Models Now Available In UK

The new LOWA Breacher GTX, Combat Mk2 GTX and Zephyr Mk2 GTX boots are now available for private purchase in the UK [© Bob Morrison]

Three of the new LOWA military and police boot models (Breacher, Combat and Zephyr) are now available for private purchase in the UK, reports Bob Morrison.


On Thursday afternoon, while on my way to Newton Abbott for the opening of MALTINGSFEST, the beer festival organised by SIBA (the Society of Independent Brewers) I popped into the Task Force Distribution HQ near Plymouth for an update on new LOWA boot model availability.

Black LOWA Zephyr Mk2 GTX Mid ~ these long-awaited boots are now almost flying out the loading bay door of the Plymouth warehouse [© Bob Morrison]

LOWA, like most manufacturers, has been afflicted by post-pandemic international supply chain issues (for many industries this often involves shortages of comparatively minor components without which products cannot be finished off) and as a result the 2022 roll-out of some of their new footwear models to private purchasers has been delayed. Naturally, of course, bulk military and police supply contracts must take precedence over sales to the general public, but with the situation now beginning to normalise Task Force Distribution are starting to trickle feed out the first of the long-awaited new boots to Jo and Joe Public.

The LOWA Boots model display area in one corner of the Specialist Kit showroom ~ note the grey footwear models particularly popular with CT-SFO teams at lower right [© Bob Morrison]

For the most up-to-date availability check out LowaMilitaryBoots.com but in brief the following new boot models are in stock at time of writing:-

Just one day’s batch of around 300 pairs of LOWA black boots destined for UK police constabularies readied for collection on Thursday [© Bob Morrison]

Other colours and sizes are regularly arriving at the Plymouth warehouse and being added to the website once available for individual purchase. Please be aware, however, that not only have some of the above boots been on back order with customers but there is every possibility that certain popular sizes could temporarily become unavailable if there is too much demand or if one of the larger, mostly ‘blue light’ sector, purchasers orders additional bulk quantities of black boots. LOWA, who are currently producing around 3.5 million pairs of boots annually, have added an extra production carousel to help meet demand, but both pandemic recovery and the heightened focus on European defence mean a return to normality might still be a little way off.

Just one corner of the almost fully stocked and soon to open Specialist Kit Ltd retail outlet on the outskirts of Plymouth [© Bob Morrison]

Finally, Specialist Kit Limited, a sister company to Task Force Distribution based in the same Plymouth industrial complex, will shortly be opening a retail military shop stocked with many of the top brands familiar to readers of JOINT-FORCES. Originally this retail outlet should have opened in the second half of 2020, but it was decided to postpone launch until the market had fully recovered. That day is now not far off and the shop is almost fully stocked, as we saw on Thursday when we were given a brief tour. More details soon.


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