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Boots On Test ~ HAIX Commander GTX

HAIX Commander GTX boots [©Bob Morrison]

My HAIX Commander GTX mid-height black Police and Special Operations winter boots have arrived for wear test and they certainly look the part, reports Bob Morrison.


The UK Met Office has issued Yellow and Amber snow alerts for much of England and Scotland this weekend and, although the white peril shouldn’t reach me down in the milder Southwest, a deluge of cold and heavy rain is on the cards. Therefore the arrival of these well-insulated (Gore-Tex Extreme Comfort membrane) and waterproof all-leather boots for a wear test is rather timely indeed. Because this is an all-new boot model, and not a variation of a previously tested boot type, I plan to take a week or so to initially evaluate them – whenever I am out undertaking my Lockdown-permissible exercise – and I will hopefully be able update readers in due course. In the meantime, more detail can be found in this article:-

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