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Under Test ~ HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 V T Mid

We have just taken delivery of a pair of mid-height desert tan Black Eagle boots from the HAIX Athletic range and plan to take them somewhere arid to test them.

It is safe to say that I am a belt & braces type of guy, or “rice AND chips, Joyce” as Monty from Benidorm would say, so it should be no surprise that I take a spare pair of boots with me when travelling overseas on assignment. On an exercise in Latvia last winter I witnessed the difficulties an Italian journalist had after the sole fell off one of his trekking boots when he only had a pair of smart dress shoes to fall back on for a demo on soggy rough terrain next morning, and would not wish to suffer likewise through being unprepared for all eventualities.

Version 2.0 boot has a new HAIX sole – both construction and tread pattern [© Bob Morrison]

On my forthcoming trip to the Middle East I plan on testing one of the new UK-issue Desert Combat High Liability brown boot models in realistic conditions but for air travel and back-up, and to give my feet a break during two weeks in the heat, I will also be taking this ultra-lightweight mid-height desert boot from HAIX. I already have an earlier pair of Black Eagle Athletic mid-height desert tan boots, one of the first models to use the new Gore-Tex linings, but with this Version 2.0 model I have deliberately opted for non-membrane construction; I will go into the with/without Gore-Tex discussion during the full review and will also discuss the other differences between this and the earlier version.

To see the manufacturer’s specifications, or to buy online, go to the Athletic 2.0 V T Mid Desert page or click here for the Tactical 2.0 T Mid Brown Leather version

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