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New JODDB Light Vehicles At SOFEX 2022

The JODDB Al-Hares (four-door) and Al-Meghwar (two-door) are softskin patrol vehicles based on the Toyota Land Cruiser 79 chassis [© Bob Morrison]

JODDB, formerly KADDB, displayed a number of new light vehicle designs at the recent SOFEX (Special Operations Forces Exhibition) in Aqaba, reports Bob Morrison.


Over the four years between SOFEX 2018 in Amman and SOFEX 2022 in Aqaba the Jordanian Government-owned JODDB or Jordan Design and Development Bureau, which was formed in 1999 as KADDB or King Abdullah II Design & Development Bureau, has been producing updated light vehicles on both the latest Toyota Land Cruiser 79 chassis and rear-engined space frame ‘dune buggy’ designs. The JLVM (Jordan Light Vehicle Manufacturing) subsidiary of JODDB, which celebrates twenty years in business during 2023, is responsible for production of these interesting vehicles, some of which are likely to replace ageing earlier generation designs nearing the end of their service life. It is my intention to look a little closer at these in future features, but in the meantime hopefully the accompanying images should be of interest to our light military vehicle aficionado readers.

The JODDB Al-Gazahl, also based on the Land Cruiser 79, is a Special Operation Forces patrol vehicle to replace the ageing Al-Tha’lab [©BM]
The JODDB Al-Maha is a six-person armoured personnel carrier offering B6 level ballistic protection which is also based on the LC79 [©BM]
The JODDB Al-Barq is a lightweight (1750kg GVW) three-person fast response and border patrol vehicle offering B4 level ballistic protection designed specifically to operate in desert conditions [©BM]
The JODDB Al-Harjas is a compact and lightweight (2200kg GVW) two-person armoured tactical vehicle (B6 protection level) with remote weapon station designed for Special Operations and Law Enforcement in urban / confined settings [©BM]
My first sighting of a JODDB Al-Gazhal at KASOTC (King Abdullah II Special Operations Center) in June 2022 [©BM]

[images © Bob Morrison]


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