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DEF22 ~ Troops From Sweden and NATO Build Pontoon in Poland

[© NATO Multimedia]

Troops from Sweden and NATO countries build a pontoon bridge over two rivers in western Poland during exercise DEFENDER-Europe 22 (DEF22).


Swedish combat engineers worked alongside combat engineers from the United States, France and Poland to construct pontoon bridges over two rivers in western Poland to enable Allied armoured units to cross the river during exercise DEFENDER-Europe 22.

DEFENDER-Europe is an annual large-scale US Army-led, multinational, joint exercise designed to build readiness and interoperability between militaries of the United States, other NATO Allies and Partners.

This NATO Multimedia footage, filmed on 20th May, includes shots of Swedish, US, French and Polish combat engineers building a pontoon bridge. With soundbites in Swedish from the Swedish Reconnaissance Platoon Commander and a Swedish conscript.

Shot list:-

  • (00:00) Swedish divers in river
  • (00:03) American troops drag a rubber boat towards the river
  • (00:06) Polish shoulder badge
  • (00:08) Swedish diver coming out of the water
  • (00:10) Pontoon bridge splashes water
  • (00:12) US Army engineers crossing the river on a ferry boat
  • (00:16) Swedish engineers from ING 2 constructing a pontoon bridge
  • (00:18) Swedish engineers from ING 2
  • (00:18) US Army engineers
  • (00:26) Swedish engineers from ING 2 and us army engineers
  • (00:27) Parts of the pontoon bridge pushed by boats on river
  • (00:32) Parts of the pontoon bridge in the river
  • (00:33) Tanks moving by the riverside
  • (00:35) Swedish engineers with tractor
  • (00:37) Swedish And US Army engineers linking pontoon bridge
  • (00:41) Soundbite (Swedish) Oliver Olsson, Reconnaissance Platoon Commander, Swedish Armed Forces:- “I command the reconnaissance platoon and our main purpose is to gather intelligence around engineering tasks for battalion and brigade-level commanders. We have completed a tactical intelligence-gathering operation in connection with the construction of a pontoon bridge.”
  • (00:59) River In Poland
  • (01:00) Swedish Reconnaissance Unit From ING 2 Engineers Approaching And Crossing River
  • (01:09) Soundbite (Swedish) Axel Westin Conscript From ING 2 Engineers, Swedish Armed Forces:- “I am from the bridge-laying platoon and this is our final exercise here in Poland. For the past two weeks, we have been working with French, Americans and Poles. It has been challenging, but most of all really cool, to see how everyone gets to work, but also how similarly we complete different tasks.”
  • (01:32) French and Swedish soldiers crossing river on amphibious vehicle
  • (01:35) French and Swedish soldiers disembarking amphibious vehicle
  • (01:38) Polish helicopter hovering and soldiers fast-roping to ground
  • (01:43) Swedish and American engineers crossing river on boats
  • (01:51) Completed bridge
  • (01:57) Tanks Crossing the river on pontoon bridge


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