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BRILLIANT JUMP 2022 Distinguished Visitors Day

The VBMR GRIFFON 6x6 is now replacing the VAB 4x4 in French service [© Bob Morrison]

Earlier today we joined the Generals for the Exercise BRILLIANT JUMP 2022 (BRJU22) Distinguished Visitors Day near Rena in Norway, reports Bob Morrison.


As our regular readers might have spotted, over the last couple of weeks I have been rather busy but when given the chance to visit the NATO Response Force (NRF) training in Norway for a rapid deployment in cold weather conditions I really couldn’t turn it down. This year’s Land Forces deployment is led by the French Rapid Reaction Corps (RRC) and the 2,500 troops out on the ground are mostly drawn from France, Italy, Poland and Spain with an Italian Special Forces contingent in support.

The French RRC troops were wearing their new four-colour winter camouflage today [© Bob Morrison]

Among the many things we were able to photograph today were the new French VBMR GRIFFON 6×6 armoured personnel carrier on overseas deployment, the new French four-colour winter camo, and the new VT4 light utility vehicle. More detail on these three topics, along with an overview of today’s dynamic display will follow in due course… but please bear in mind that my recent trips to WDS 2022 Riyadh and the REME exercise IRON CHALLENGE are also in the pipeline for coverage once I get back to the UK. Fortunately, Carl Schulze is now deploying to Norway to cover COLD RESPONSE 2022 for us, so I have no excuse to put off feature writing next week.

Dutch Lieutenant Admiral Rob Bauer, Chair of the NATO Military Committee and a 4-star, was the most senior general present at Rena today [© Bob Morrison]


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