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UNION COURAGE 2022 ~ Joint Exercise In Belarus

UNION COURAGE 2022 - Russian EMD Motorised Infantry in Belarus [© Russian Federation MoD]

Russian EMD Motorised Infantry and Belarusian Paratroopers destroyed terrorists during Joint Exercise UNION COURAGE – 2022 in Belarus.


Press Release, Moscow, 11 February 2022: Motorised infantry of the EMD and Belarusian paratroopers destroyed terrorists during the exercise UNION COURAGE – 2022.

As part of the joint exercise UNION COURAGE – 2022, motorised rifle units of the [Russian] Eastern Military District (EMD), together with units of the Special Operations Forces of the Republic of Belarus, worked out tasks to block and destroy a mock illegal armed formation at the Brestsky training ground.

[© Russian Federation MoD]

During the drawing of the tactical episode, Russian servicemen marched on regular equipment to a given area, performed tasks to block an illegal armed formation and destroyed it in cooperation with Belarusian paratroopers.

In the classroom, management issues and all types of support for the actions of motorised infantry were also worked out. In particular, the deployment of a mobile field control point, which made it possible to organise stable and continuous communication both during movement and when blocking a group of militants.

UNION COURAGE 2022 – heliborne insertion [© Russian Federation MoD]

Also during the training, refuelling of combat vehicles and repair of the conditionally disabled BMP-2 in the field were organised.

Source: Russian Federation MoD Directorate of Media Service and Information

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Footnote: Brestsky training ground lies three kilometres inside the Belarus border with Poland, approximately 200km east of Warsaw and 50km north-west of the Ukraine border.

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