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COBALT–2021 CSTO CRRF Exercise In Tajikistan

COBALT-2021 [© Russian Federation MoD]

Exercise COBALT–2021 began in Tajikistan with the participation of the Special Forces of the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organisation) CRRF.


Press Release, Moscow, 17 November 2021: Joint exercise of Special Forces formations, internal affairs bodies, state security, ministries and departments for emergency situations and drug control of the Collective Rapid Response Forces (CRRF) of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) COBALT-2021 starts at the Fakhrabad range in Tajikistan.

The exercise will be held from November 17 to 19. In the course of practical actions, Russian servicemen, together with colleagues from Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, will work out issues of planning and conducting an operation to destroy militants, acting as part of the Special Forces of the CSTO CRRF.

The Russian military contingent is represented by military personnel of the Special Purpose Unit [Spetsnaz] of the Central Military District and the reconnaissance battalion of the 201st military base. In total, about 60 people and 10 pieces of military equipment are involved in the exercise from the Russian side, including two Mi-8MTV5-1 helicopters of the 201st military base air group.

[© Russian Federation MoD]

Source: Press Service of the Russian Federation MoD Central Military District

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