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EGYPT-7 ~ Red Sea Search and Rescue Exercise

EGYPT-7 Search and Rescue exercise in the Red Sea [© Egyptian MoD]

The main Egyptian Armed Forces Search and Rescue Centre carried out Exercise EGYPT-7 to simulate the rescue from a sunken Red Sea ferry.


Press Release, NAC Egypt, 30 October 2021: The main search and rescue centre of the Armed Forces carried out the Exercise EGYPT-7, which included an implementation of a realistic scenario of the rescue operation of the crew and passengers of a ferry that was sunk “with 175 people of different nationalities on board” while it was sailing from Hurghada port to Duba port, by following all distress procedures and regulations and global maritime safety standards, with the participation of the Navy personnel, the Air Force and the relevant agencies and a number of different ministries and executive bodies in the Red Sea Governorate and the Egyptian Red Crescent.

The main search and rescue centre of the Armed Forces received a distress signal from the stranded ferry, and immediately a Chinook Helicopter took off to the site of the event, and a number of marine vessels with diving and rescue crews on board were alerted to deal immediately with the situation.

The exercise aims at maintaining the readiness and coordination between all the executive agencies and the concerned authorities in the country to confront such risks, and to intervene quickly to rescue the injured, retrieve the victims and provide them with medical and administrative support and any reports related to the exposure of any person to danger and access to isolated areas by land and sea, which are difficult to reach.

Exercise EGYPT-7 comes within the framework of the keenness of the General Command of the Armed Forces to reassure the speed of response and coordination between all state institutions to confront all risks and crises that may affect the security and safety of citizens.

Source: Egyptian Ministry of Defence


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