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KEVADTORM 2019 ~ Blue Force Blocks Yellow

KRH Challenger 2 and 1 MERCIAN Warrior near the front line east of Rausvere [©BM]

Yesterday, Wednesday 8th, a British and Belgian battle group from Blue Force blocked Yellow Force attackers pushing west through the south of our sector, reports Bob Morrison.


In the north of the sector, west of Sillamäe, Estonian Blue Force defenders, including the elite Eesti Scouts, valiantly slowed down Yellow Force mechanised infantry while the bulk of their brigade reformed to defend the key town of Jõhvi. The accompanying photos, all captured yesterday, will hopefully give you a brief insight of Exercise KEVADTORM 2019, but once the dust settles it is our intention to cover the bigger picture with a series of features.

[ images © Bob Morrison ]

Yellow Force (Estonian) SISU Pasi APCs advancing through the forest at Vasavere [©BM]
The Blue Force battle group in the south consisted of British and Belgian troops [©BM]
Belgian Piranha III 90mm Fire Support variant guarding British left flank [©BM]
Yellow Force (Canadian) armour advancing on Voka village to the north [©BM]
Blue Force (Estonian Scout) defender on the edge of Voka village [©BM]
Yellow Force (Canadian Van Doos) troops prepare to attack Voka [©BM]
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