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KEVADTORM 2019 ~ Yellow Force Advances

A Blue Force Eesti Scouts CV90 passes a British Challenger 2 MBT guarding a crossroads [©BM]

As suspected last night, this morning Yellow Force troops in Eastern Estonia advanced on Blue Force defenders in the Sirgala area south of Sillamäe, reports Bob Morrison.


We joined the action as the morning mist burned off and a combined formation of Yellow Force troops – primarily from Latvia and Lithuania with Spanish combat engineers in support – pushed their way north against Blue Force troops from Estonia supported by British and Belgian armour. Our primary mission this week is to get into the field early and leave late to ensure we photograph as much of the action for you as possible and also document the vehicles and equipment being used. We will return to KEVADTORM 2019 with a ‘big picture’ feature in the not too distant future, but in the meantime here are a handful of photos from today’s action to hopefully whet you appetite.

[ images © Bob Morrison ]

Yellow Force armour (Lithuanian) probes cautiously forward against Blue Force defences [©BM]
Hastily deployed Yellow Force (Latvian) recce team soldier watches for any hint of a Blue Force counter-attack around a slight bend in the road [©BM]
British Army Wildcat on a strafing run against Yellow Force dismounts – note door gunner [©BM]
A MilRem THEMIS Unmanned Ground Vehicle with FN Herstal 12.7mm machine gun supports withdrawing Blue Force troops [©BM]

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