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KEVADTORM 2019 Underway In Eastern Estonia

An Estonian soldier watches over a key road junction in a town in the vulnerable Ida-Viru region [©BM]

As night falls the operational phase of Exercise KEVADTORM 2019 (SPRING STORM) is now well underway in the Ida-Viru region of Eastern Estonia, reports Bob Morrison.


Late Sunday afternoon Estonian combat engineers could be spotted preparing defences along main lines of communication as fears grew that enemy forces were about to mount a major overnight advance. Hastily deployed Land Forces (Maavägi) troops from the 2nd Infantry Brigade could be seen taking up positions at road junctions and key points and the NATO eFP (enhanced Forward Presence) Battle Group (BG EST) moved up to support them. We will try to update our readers again tomorrow night or Tuesday morning.

[ images © Bob Morrison ]

Belgian armour (Piranha III Fire Support variants) from the British-led NATO eFP multinational battle group moves forward in support of Estonian Infantry [©BM]

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