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TRJE18 ~ South Force Commences Counter-Attack

[© BM]

Today, F-Day, having overnight successfully blocked the advancing North Force on the banks of the Tylsa River, 4 Multi-National Brigade prepared to counter-attack, writes Bob Morrison.


In addition to elements of Britain’s Light Dragoons, Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment and Royal Irish Regiment, plus supporting arms, the British-led 4 MNB also has Danish, Polish and Norwegian Home Guard (HV) formations under its command as it fights to defend the centremost of three North-South axes through Mid-Norway against a powerful enemy. Fortunately these four NATO allies on Exercise TRIDENT JUNCTURE 2018 (TRJE18) are not only well-used to working together but they also have support from other Alliance nations, including aviation assets from Slovenia and the United States.


Clearly news of yesterday’s successful amphibious landing by a South (Blue) Force Task Group to the rear of North (Red) Force set alarm bells ringing in the enemy HQ as this morning the Reds were clearly on the defensive between Bergset and Tynset. A little after first light we set off south from Tynset in the direction of Bergset and all along the road we saw North Force vehicles on the defensive where yesterday they had been pushing forward in numbers.


To the south of Bergset we met up with 1 LANCS and 1 R IRISH as they prepared for their impending counter-attack northwards by refuelling, both vehicles and bodies, and rearming themselves with fresh supplies of ammunition. As twilight approached, much earlier than the Brits are used to at home as this part of Norway is not too far south of the Arctic Circle, they started to move out for their departure lines with 1 R IRISH inserting by Foxhound to the south bank of the Tylsa and 1 LANCS preparing to be flown to a mountain top from where they could spring a surprise flanking attack on the Reds.


As tonight’s action in this sector is being carried out in total darkness under thick cloud cover the troops will be using night vision goggles so unfortunately we could not stay with them. Not only would camera flash give away their positions but it would also cause massive vision issues for the troops, so we have withdrawn for (hopefully) a good night’s sleep.


We intend to pick up the counter-attack tomorrow, F+1, but at this moment of time we are undecided on which of the three NATO brigades’ actions we will try to focus on. Hopefully the fog of war will have cleared after a hearty breakfast. I do like Mondays… but maybe North Forces won’t!

{ images © Bob Morrison }

Just after daybreak a North (Red) Force combat engineer vehicle moves cautiously forward on an icy lane to prepare defensive positions [© BM]

North Force CV90 Infantry Combat Vehicles – note no turret – tucked away behind a cabin with crews on air and ground overwatch [© BM]

After ten days on the go, weary North Force troops grabbed a chance for some kip this morning after last night’s battle [© BM]

1 R IRISH recce R-WMIK+ Land Rovers move forward mid-afternoon [© BM]

The Royal Irish started to move closer to their start line in FOXHOUND later in the day [© BM]

Anzio Company of 1 LANCS get ready to fly forward to a mountain ridge to commence a flank attack [© BM]

A Slovenian AS532 Cougar helicopter lifts off at dusk with an advance party to drop them on a mountain [© BM]

Norwegian Home Guard board a US Army CH-47 Chinook at last light – the camera setings were pushed to the max (16,000 ASA) to take this shot in very low light [© BM]



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