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Russian Motorised Troops Exercise In Kyrgyzstan

[image © Russian Federation MoD]

Russian Central Military District troops have arrived in Kyrgyzstan to participate in the ISSYK-KUL Anti-Terror 2018 CIS exercise.


Press Release, 24th September: The ISSYK-KUL Anti-Terror 2018 CIS [Commonwealth of Independent States] exercise takes place in Kyrgyzstan. It involves relevant bodies of the CIS states. During the drills, troops will isolate and eliminate simulated terrorists. This episode will be performed on September 26 at the Edelweiss training ground.


Russian 2S23 Nona-SVK fire support vehicles and GAZ Tigr MATVs [image © Russian Federation MoD]

The manoeuvres involve military command and control units, ground and air forces of Russian and Kyrgyz armed forces. The drills will involve in total some 2,000 troops from the two countries, and almost 400 pieces of military hardware including aircraft.


A motorised rifle brigade of the Central Military District stationed in Tuva has covered over 2,000 km to represent the Russian Armed Forces at the exercise. Besides, Iskander-M crews of the Central Military District were redeployed to the drill site in Kyrgyzstan.


The Russian Armed Forces are represented at the exercise by almost 1,000 troops, 250 pieces of hardware including some 30 aircraft.

[ Source: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation ]

Kyrgyz troops at ISSYK-KUL 2018 opening ceremony [image © Russian Federation MoD]

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