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QUICK RESPONSE 2018 ~ Day One Highlights

[EUFOR photo: Photographer unknown]

Day One of Exercise QUICK RESPONSE 2018 saw training scenarios in the regions of Sarajevo International Airport, Pazaric and Camp Butmir in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

EUFOR News Release: The scenarios covered were a VIP convoy attack at the airport, defence of a weapons storage site at Pazaric and crowd control at Camp Butmir.

3 PARA patrol in Composite Armour Vehicles – note top cover wear Revision Battlskin mandible guards [EUFOR photo: WO Ulrich Kallinger]

The realistic scenarios tested the contingency plans of the airport authorities, SIPA and the Border Police at the airport and tested the soldiers of EUFOR’s Multinational Battalion and reserve forces at Pazaric and Camp Butmir.

All three scenarios were completed professionally and all goals were met. COMEUFOR, Major General Martin Dorfer expressed his satisfaction with the opening day saying: “Exercise QUICK RESPONSE 2018 is the largest in our series of exercises this year and I can say that we have had a good start.”

Source: EUFOR/Lt Cdr Paul Clark

Bosnian Police Special Operations (SIPA) team [EUFOR photo: WO Ulrich Kallinger]

Bosnian SIPA operator arrests a terrorist role-player [EUFOR photo: WO Ulrich Kallinger]

Turkish soldiers treat a simulated casualty [EUFOR photo: WO Ulrich Kallinger]

UK soldiers from 3 PARA converse with an Austrian soldier [EUFOR photo: WO Ulrich Kallinger]

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