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JEF Demo Concludes JOINT WARRIOR 18

A live capability demonstration on Salisbury Plain featuring troops from the nine JEF (Joint Expeditionary Force) nations today heralded the conclusion of Exercise JOINT WARRIOR 18.


We understand troops from the UK Parachute Regiment, the Danish Jutland Dragoon Regiment, the Lithuanian Iron Wolf Brigade and the Latvian Mechanised Infantry Brigade, conducted urban combat operations with air support provided by Apache, Chinook and Wildcat helicopters plus Tornado jets.

Today’s demonstration was billed as the culmination of two weeks of intensive and specialised training across the country, ranging from amphibious and naval activity in Wales and Scotland to land based training in Wiltshire and air activity across the UK; all part of Exercise JOINT WARRIOR 18.

Unfortunately as the choreographed display today was the only opportunity offered to us to cover this exercise, and not only that but it took until late afternoon on Monday (i.e ten days into the manoeuvres) for the MoD to announce even this limited facility, other commitments mean we are regretably unable to bring indepedent media coverage of an important UK-led Joint Forces event which was happening almost on our doorstep.

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