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Norway ~ Royal Marines Train With US Marines

Royal Marines in Norway for annual Cold Weather Training have been tutoring US Marines on driving the British BvS 10 Viking amphibious All-Terrain Vehicle (Protected).


In brief: Cold Weather Training is a Norwegian-led winter exercise, of which the main purpose is to put Royal Marines and Royal Navy sailors and airmen through their paces in one of the most demanding environments. The US Marines, from 1st Battalion 6th Marines, are with Marine Rotational Force-Europe 18.1 who are training and evaluating proficiency in cold weather operations while enhancing strategic cooperation and partnership between the United States and the United Kingdom.


US Marine driving British Viking [USMC: Gunnery Sgt. Clinton Firstbrook]

Recently five US Marines completed the Viking (BvS10) training package at Leksdal Skytefelt Training Complex near Vaernes in Norway. The Americans from 1/6 Marines have been completing sustainment training to increase their proficiency and combat skill set, enabling the unit to respond to potential threats throughout the region as well as strengthening strategic cooperation and partnership between the US and its NATO Allies.


US Marines with MRF-E 18.1 input elevation data for a simulated mission during mortar firing training at Vaernes Garnison, Norway, 6th April [USMC: Gunnery Sgt. Clinton Firstbrook]

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