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Nir-Or Advanced Situational Awareness for IDF Bulldozers

Nir-Or video system [© Max Golovanov]

IMCO Group’s Nir-Or is to provide the IDF with an Advanced Situational Awareness system for their armoured bulldozers.


Press Release, Rosh Ha’ayin, 18 September 2023: IMCO Group’s subsidiary, Nir-Or, which designs, develops, manufactures, and integrates innovative electro-optic and power management systems for a vast range of military applications, was chosen to provide their cutting-edge situational awareness system to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for their armoured bulldozers. The system includes a video matrix, operator display, and hatch controller, and it is designed to improve the bulldozers’ operational capabilities.

Nir-Or’s advanced video management system incorporates a state-of-the-art video aggregator, seamlessly integrating various video feeds from the vehicle’s systems. This integration provides operators with a consolidated and clear view of the surroundings, enhancing their situational awareness while they are inside the armoured vehicle. With touch-screen technology, Nir-Or’s Video Management System empowers operators with complete control over the vehicle’s actions within its environment. This feature not only optimises operational efficiency but also strengthens the safety of the vehicle’s operation.

Nir-Or will conduct the development and manufacturing process in collaboration with its American sister company, ADTi, a prominent US-based manufacturer of advanced electronic solutions for the military sector. Commencing in 2024, the deliveries are expected to continue until 2025, ensuring a gradual implementation and integration of the advanced situational awareness systems across the IDF’s armoured bulldozer fleet. The total value of this significant transaction is estimated to be approximately 10.8 million NIS. IMCO Group anticipates securing future orders for comparable systems tailored to additional armoured military bulldozers, with an approximate value of 4 million NIS.

Nir-Or CEO, Mr. Tamir Ziv: “Nir-Or takes pride in contributing to enhancing the IDF’s operational capabilities through cutting-edge technology solutions that meet the IDF’s rigorous operational requirements. This project showcases the company’s dedication to innovation and its commitment to providing the armed forces with advanced tools that ensure their safety and effectiveness on the field.”

IMCO Industries CEO, Mr. Ariel Kandel: “Combining the abilities of our subsidiary companies, IMCO Group delivers cutting-edge defence technology solutions designed to meet the needs of modern defence. We are proud to be a leading supplier of the IDF, and provide innovative defence solutions that bolster their operational capabilities and safety”.


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