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IMCO Group Strategic Partnership with IMoD

IDF APC [© IMoD Merkava and Armoured Vehicles Directorate]

IMCO Group enters a strategic partnership with IMoD, the Israeli Ministry of Defense, boosting the IDF’s technological edge.


Press Release, Caesarea, 06 May 2024: IMCO Group announces a multi-year framework agreement with the Israeli Ministry of Defense (MOD), estimated at 377 million NIS.

Under this agreement, the company will manufacture and supply electrical systems and subsystems, including advanced video management systems, power management systems, and harnesses, for armoured fighting vehicles – including the Merkava tank, the Namer and Eitan APCs. The agreement’s delivery period spans 2024-2030.

IMCO Group sub-systems [© IMCO Group]

The Merkava tank, Namer APC, and Eitan APC form the core of the Israel’s manoeuvreing force. As a leader in developing and producing advanced video management systems, smart displays, and complex electronic subsystems, IMCO Group plays a significant role in enhancing the operation, the mobility and protection systems of armoured combat vehicles. These contributions significantly improve the mobility, performance accuracy, and survivability of these vehicles.

This new agreement will enable the group to supply state-of-the-art, combat-proven systems to those tanks and APCs, ensuring their continued effectiveness and resilience. Replacing a previous agreement from 2020, this multi-year framework expands the scope beyond the current agreement. IMCO Group is expected to complete the production and supply of products under the existing agreement during 2024-2025, while simultaneously commencing manufacturing and supply under the new agreement’s terms.

As of the first quarter of 2024, IMCO Group’s total order backlog stands at approximately NIS 350 million. The new agreement is expected to more than double the group’s order backlog to a total of approximately NIS 725 million. The production and supply of the systems will be carried out by various companies within the Group, including Nir Or, IMCO Projects, and ADTI in the USA.

“IMCO Group is proud to contribute to the strength of the IDF,” said Ariel Kandel, CEO of IMCO Group. “The advanced systems we provide are the result of years of research and development, production, and maintenance. The systems developed and manufactured by our group adapt to changing requirements and have been proven on the battlefield. We are confident that these systems will help carry out tasks in a more efficient and safer manner.

“The new agreement reflects IMCO Group’s role as a cornerstone in enhancing the overall strength of Israel’s military force. Systems produced by our group have been in operational use for several decades, and we are proud to be chosen again as a loyal and important partner in supplying these significant systems.”

Kandel further adds, “The new agreement adds another layer to the close cooperation between IMCO Group and the Ministry of Defense. This cooperation enables the client to make optimal use of the most advanced technologies in the field.”


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