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IMCO Receives Israeli MoD AFV Spares Order

Eitan 8x8 AFV [© IMoD MANTAK]

IMCO Group has received a 30 million NIS order from the Israeli MoD for the supply of spare parts for the IDF’s armoured fighting vehicles.


Press Release, Tel-Hannan, 18 January 2024: In continuation of an existing maintenance order from the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMoD), IMCO Group has received a follow-on order from the IMoD Directorate of Production and Procurement (DoPP) for the supply of spare parts for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs).

These spare parts are essential for the ongoing maintenance and operational readiness of the IDF’s AFVs in routine and during the ‘Swords of Iron’ war. The order, valued at approximately 30 million NIS (about 8 million USD), is scheduled for delivery throughout 2024.

IMCO Group is a key supplier of the IMoD MANTAK (Merkava and Armored Vehicles Directorate). The company has an integral part in the development and manufacturing of all IMoD armoured fighting vehicles, including the Merkava tank and Namer and Eitan armoured personnel carriers (APCs). Through its subsidiary companies in the defence division, IMCO Group provides a large set of sub-systems for the IDF’s AFVs. These include electric power and control units, platform interconnection cabling, platform main computing unit, and Video Management Systems.

The new order is part of IMCO Group’s broader annual agreement for the support and maintenance of the IDF’s AFV sub-systems. Within the scope of the current order, IMCO Group will supply spare parts that are integral components within these systems.

Ariel Kandel, CEO of IMCO Group, stated, “IMCO Group takes pride in being a significant supplier to the IMoD for the production and maintenance of essential sub-systems crucial to the operational capabilities of the IDF’s AFVs. This follow-on order reflects the trust that the IMoD has in our ability to provide maintenance services for its systems over the years. We consider service agreements a vital and inseparable part of the product and service portfolio we offer to the Israeli MOD and all our clients.”

He added: “Since the onset of the ‘Swords of Iron’ war, IMCO Group has been working tirelessly to meet the needs of the IMoD and the IDF. This includes providing ongoing technical and logistical support services for the operational AFVs.”


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