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Latest Status of the Schützenpanzer Puma

As part of an preparation exercise for the VJTF 2023 deployment of German Army troops, Puma VJTF versions from Panzergrenadier Bataillon 112 are ferried over the river Elbe in April 2022 [© Carl Schulze]

The German BMVg (Bundesministeriums der Verteidigung) has issued a new press release on the status of the SPz (Schützenpanzer) Puma.


BMVg Press Release, Berlin, 04 January 2023: [auto-translated] The 18 Puma infantry fighting vehicles that failed during VJTF training at the firing centre in December 2022 were relocated to repair facilities at the Pfreimd, Regen and Unterlüß locations. Overall assessments were carried out there by personnel from industry and the Bundeswehr. Overall, a differentiated picture emerges, with predominantly small and medium-sized damage, but also some more serious damage.

The industry has been able to remedy the defects in all armoured personnel carriers except one. Further investigations are now necessary, they relate to high-quality parts and fire damage.

Basically, the Puma is a powerful armoured personnel carrier and has the ability to give the troops effectiveness in battle. For a war-ready system, however, the Puma must be robust and reliable. Currently, the system can only be operated in a closely interlinked system of troops, army repair logistics, project management and industry.

In order to determine how to proceed to improve use, the BMVg will promptly invite industry, the troops and the procurement organisation to a top-level discussion.

Currently 150 Pumas of the 1st lot are being upgraded to the improved design status ‘S1’. In addition, the technical and logistical concept of the troops will be further developed. The effectiveness of the measures is a prerequisite for the triggering of further retrofit options or the commissioning of the 2nd batch.

Germany will provide the contribution to the NATO spearhead VJTF Land with Marder-type armoured personnel carriers. Two Panzergrenadier companies with a total of 28 armoured personnel carriers are part of the associated German combat formation.


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