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DSIT Solutions Presents ASW Suite at HEMUS 2022

DSIT ASW Suite [© DSIT Solutions]

DSIT Solutions presents its ASW (Anti-Submarine Warfare) protection suite for surface vessels at HEMUS 2022 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, June 1-4.


Press Release, Tel Aviv, 26 May2022: DSIT Solutions, a leading developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge maritime defence and security solutions, presents its advanced ASW protection suite for surface vessels at HEMUS 2022 in Bulgaria. The Suite detects and tracks underwater threats such as submarines, midget submarines, and torpedoes in all bathymetric layers.

The flexible ASW Suite is configured to precisely meet the customer’s operational requirements. Systems can be installed on vessels of various sizes, including frigates, corvettes, and offshore patrol vessels (OPVs).

The ASW Suite includes the following: The BlackFish Hull Mounted Sonar (HMS) or Bow Mounted Sonar (BMS) systems utilise passive, active, and parallel modes of operation. The SwordFish Towed Array Sonar (TAS) System, an active and passive variable depth sonar system designed to serve in both littoral and deep waters, has been adapted for use on vessels of various sizes engaged in a variety of mission types. The WhitePointer UCS, an underwater communication system, designed for voice and data transmissions between surface ships and submarines.

Mr. Hanan Marom, DSIT’s VP Marketing and Business Development, said, ”All DSIT’s ASW systems are versatile, customisable, and always on. Our systems integrate cutting-edge electronics and acoustic technologies, as well as state-of-the-art machine learning, automation, and signal processing – ensuring exceptional performance in even the most challenging arenas. The ASW Suite was designed to support bi-static and multi-static operations.”

In addition to the ASW Suite, DSIT will also present the ORCA Training System and the powerful, long-range underwater coastal surveillance system, the SeaShield.


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