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DSIT to Present DogFish Sonar at UDT 2024

DogFish press release illustration [© DSIT]

DSIT SOLUTIONS will present the DogFish Sonar System, designed for use on small underwater vehicles, for the first time at UDT 2024.


Press Release, Tel Aviv, 06 April 2024: DSIT SOLUTIONS will present, for the first time at UDT 2024, the DogFish Sonar System for detecting underwater threats from small manned and unmanned underwater vehicles, such as mini-subs, semi-submersibles, AUVs/UUVs, and SDVs. The system provides high-resolution and long detection ranges at various depths and acoustic environments.

The DogFish Sonar System is an innovative new solution designed to autonomously detect, track and classify underwater threats such as submarines, mini-submarines, semi-submersible vehicles, moored mines, AUVs/UUVs, and underwater drones at a range of sea depths in both littoral and deep waters. Operating in active or passive mode or simultaneously in both active and passive modes, the system is suitable for tactical scenarios and a wide range of ASW and HLS missions.

The DogFish Sonar System, which is adaptable to any underwater vessel or vehicle of any size, is already integrated into a number of AUVs, and due to its unique performance, several customers are already considering integrating it into their AUV fleets.

Shmuel Farbiyash, CEO of DSIT, said, “The DogFish will maximise the underwater awareness and safety of any navy’s littoral and coastal waters. As with all DSIT’s sonar systems, the DogFish sonar’s capabilities are based on the next generation of DSIT’s unique capabilities in acoustics analysis, adapting already-proven and fielded solutions that utilise Automated Algorithms, as well as state-of-the-art signal processing techniques. These technologies and the company’s advanced autonomous capabilities create a high level of underwater situational awareness critical for safeguarding today’s underwater environments. The DogFish system will be presented at UDT at the ELTA Stand


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