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Rohde und Schwarz Launches New UMS400

The new R&S UMS400 universal monitoring system for spectrum monitoring and radiolocation from 8 kHz to 8 GHz, extendable up to 20 GHz [© Rohde & Schwarz]

Rohde und Schwarz launches new R&S UMS400 8 kHz to 8 GHz outdoor spectrum universal monitoring and radiolocation solution.


Press Release, Munich, 21 April 2022: Today, Rohde & Schwarz announces the launch of the R&S UMS400 universal monitoring system for spectrum monitoring and radiolocation of frequencies from 8 kHz to 8 GHz (extendable up to 20 GHz with the R&S CS-MC20 microwave converter).

R&S UMS400 meets 8 GHz (optionally 20 GHz) monitoring station needs in the ever-increasing frequency ranges demanded by wireless communications services. Before this latest Rohde & Schwarz innovation, monitoring such a range meant the monitoring sensor had to be placed as close as possible to the antenna for minimal cable losses and maximum sensitivity. R&S UMS400 has a compact outdoor housing and low power consumption that makes it ideal for temporary missions, such as event monitoring and radiolocation of sporadic interferers. It allows a wide range of use cases, including fixed and mobile spectrum monitoring, radiolocation of sporadic interference sources or short radio messages at major events, emitter hunting missions and force protection.

R&S UMS400 supports signal measurements in line with ITU recommendations and can be integrated into monitoring systems that run R&S ARGUS spectrum monitoring software or other control software thanks to its open interface. R&S ARGUS can network several stations that use the R&S UMS400 for radiolocation and other monitoring tasks, such as automated detection, identification and localization of interfering signals and unlicensed emissions.

An internal computer enables R&S UMS400 to run independently and internally store collected data. The form factor, outdoor housing, low power consumption, network components and internal computer make it a very flexible monitoring solution for daily testing challenges.


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