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Finns Receive First Protolab 6×6 PMPV

Protolab 6x6 PMPV [© Protolab Oy]
It has today been announced that the Finnish Defence Forces have received their first Protolab 6×6 PMPV or Protected Multi-Purpose Vehicle.


Press Release, Vantaa, 25 June 2019: Protolab Oy is pleased to announce the delivery of the first Protolab 6×6 Protected Multi-Purpose Vehicles (PMPV) to the Finnish Defence Forces (FDF). Protolab is delivering four PMPVs to the FDF under a contract signed in 2018. The vehicles are being put through operational testing by the FDF as part of a wider modernisation programme to upgrade and enhance its armoured vehicle fleet.

Protolab 6×6 PMPV [© Protolab Oy]

The Protolab PMPV is exceptionally manoeuvrable and agile and can perform a range of mission roles including patrol, passenger and cargo transport, and command post. Amphibious and MEDIVAC variants are also available. The Protolab PMPV is a first of its kind 6×6 armoured personnel carrier developed to meet the mobility, protection and communication requirements of Special Operations Forces and paramilitary security forces.

The PMPV is designed from the ground up with integrated high level mine protection and ballistic protection according to customer-specified blast protection levels of STANAG 4569. The vehicle can be equipped with various customer required weapon systems.

Protolab 6×6 PMPV [© Protolab Oy]

The vehicle can carry two crew and ten fully-equipped troops, or a cargo payload of up to 10,000kg. Narrower than standard fighting vehicles, the vehicle’s 2.55m width makes it suitable for urban operations, with advanced mobility both on and off-road. Powered by a Cummins 6.7l multifuel engine and meeting Euro 3 emission levels, the vehicle meets EU truck road regulations qualifying it for registration as a N3G class truck (off-road). These design features make it an ideal fit for the challenges being faced by modern armies.

Protolab 6×6 PMPV [© Protolab Oy]

“We designed the Protolab PMPV 6×6 to meet the requirements of today’s soldier and today’s asymmetric battlefield,” Juha Moisio, Business Development Director, Protolab Oy commented. “With a design approach based around the use of COTS parts with a small proportion of custom-made components, the Protolab PMPV is a cost-effective solution for the range of tasks faced by special operations, security and crisis management forces in the field.

“We are pleased to see the vehicle progressing well through field trials with the FDF and are getting positive feedback from the customer. We are confident that the Protolab PMPV will become the vehicle of choice for customers looking to replace their existing 6×6 vehicle fleets with a modern, protected and flexible solution.”

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