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ARQUUS TRIGGER and TRAPPER ~French Army Vehicles

Arquus TRIGGER [© Arquus]

As the main armed forces supplier, providing 90% of the wheeled vehicles in service in the French Army, ARQUUS is currently tasked with the VT4 programme to replace the P4 vehicles in service at the present time.

Press Release: ARQUUS is supplying its TRAPPER vehicle to the Army under the framework  of this programme. The TRAPPER is mainly used to transport personnel but because of its versatility it can be used for highly diverse operations. Its robustness and performance meet NATO standards and have been approved by the DGA (French Defence Procurement Agency). The vehicle’s 160hp engine meets the Euro 3 standard. The TRAPPER stands out from the competition due to its reasonable purchase price and maintenance costs. The vehicle also boasts a large loading capacity with a 1-tonne payload.

Basic configuration TRAPPER transport and logistics vehicle – over 3,700 units are on order [© ARQUUS]

Close to the TRAPPER, the TRIGGER is designed for troop transport and logistics. It can be converted into a patrol or maintenance vehicle and carry out security missions. The Trigger has the largest loading capacity on the market, with a 1.3t payload and 4.6m² of space, with a reinforced platform and a wide, deep and modular vehicle bed. The vehicle boasts a range of over 1,000km thanks to its large capacity tank and double filtration diesel system.

ARQUUS is the Defence Business Area of the Volvo Group. The Volvo Group is a world leading manufacturers of trucks, bringing together highly prestigious brands such as Volvo, Renault Trucks and Mack. The group has over 100,000 employees worldwide, with production facilities on all continents and a presence in over 190 countries. The group is organised into ten business areas (BA), including the Trucks BA and the Bus, Engines, Finance and Defense divisions.

TRAPPER VT4 Tactical Lightweight Multipurpose Vehicle on display at Eurosatory 2018 [© Bob Morrison]

ARQUUS is one of the three members of the short-term consortium to which the French Ministry of Defence awarded the Scorpion contract. The Group will be participating in the development of the new generation of wheeled armoured personnel carriers for the French Army: the VBMR (multi-role armoured vehicle) and the EBRC (armoured reconnaissance and combat vehicle). ARQUUS notably supplies the powertrains and small-calibre weapons systems operated by these two vehicles. The company will also provide full logistics for spare parts and Scorpion subsystems.

Footnote: The base vehicle is the Ford Everest derivative of the Ford Ranger, which was designed in Australia and is produced in Thailand.

TRIGGER with shielded medium calibre cannon at Eurosatory 2018 [© Bob Morrison]

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