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RAFAEL ABS-LVC Live Demo at IT2EC in Rotterdam

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RAFAEL’s LVC (Live Virtual Constructive) solutions are to be demonstrated live at the IT2EC Exhibition in Rotterdam from April 26-28.


Press Release, Tel Aviv, 19 April 2023: RAFAEL will participate in IT2EC Exhibition in Rotterdam from 26-28 April 2023.The company will provide a live demonstration of its ABS with an integrated Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) platform.

RAFAEL will demonstrate the actual systems consisting of sophisticated constructive simulation software connected to a Virtual Strike Cell simulation all using the ABS-LVC Platform. The ABS-LVC serves as a unique tool to provide LVC integration to massive exercises from the single soldier in the field and up to the joint chief’s commander. These specialised systems together with RAFAEL comprehensive experience have been incorporated into some of the biggest and most complicated IDF exercises.

The multi-domain LVC platform creates a unified scenario at all levels of operation. The LVC integrates and links together all elements of the scenario from a command and control headquarters to the live soldier. It also allows for joint-level and multi-national exercises which connect all military branches: army, air force, navy, intelligence, and special forces. It provides the ability to truly exercise a real-life scenario from every possible dimension and includes a highly capable constructive system. RAFAEL’s LVC is supported by advanced AI capabilities which allow automation of real-time doctrines and Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) on every level of the military echelon. The AI integration allows for a range of operational behaviours to be simulated from that of the individual soldier to the brigade level. The LVC capabilities are all operational and working 24/7 in exercises.


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