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Ukrainian Soldiers In Poland Train On Leopard Tanks

Ukrainian tank operators perform live-fire exercises on Polish Leopard 2 tanks at a training centre in Poland [© NATO Multimedia]

NATO Allies train Ukrainian soldiers on Leopard tanks during a a condensed 30-day training course at Świętoszów in Poland


Ukrainian tank operators have been going through a condensed 30-day training course on the Leopard tanks in Poland.

Military instructors from Canada, Norway and Poland have been training the Ukrainians both in virtual simulators and in live-fire and manoeuvre exercises. The training took place at the Leopard training centre in Świętoszów, Poland. The Polish-led programme is aimed at helping Ukraine uphold its right to self-defence, enshrined in the UN Charter, against Russia’s war of aggression.

[© NATO Multimedia]

This NATO Multimedia footage, captured on 05 April and released 13 April, includes shots of Ukrainian tank operators driving Leopard tanks and training on simulators. It also includes interviews with Polish and Canadian instructors.

Shot list:-

  • 00:00 ~ Ukrainian soldiers driving a Polish Leopard tank across training ground
  • 00:51 ~ Polish Leopard tank aiming main gun at the range
  • 00:58 ~ Canadian range control officer gives instructions on a radio
  • 01:03 ~ Polish Leopard tank firing main gun
  • 01:30 ~ Polish Leopard tank firing main gun at night
  • 01:36 ~ Polish Leopard tank firing tracer rounds from machine gun
  • 01:42 ~ Polish Leopard tank firing main gun
  • 01:49 ~ Ukrainian tanker enters a Leopard driving simulator
  • 01:52 ~ Leopard tank driving simulator in action
  • 01:57 ~ Ukrainian tankers operating a Leopard tank driving simulator
  • 02:00 ~ Polish Leopard tank instructors observing a driving simulator
  • 02:07 ~ Ukrainian tanker observing a driving simulator
  • 02:15 ~ Ukrainian tanker operating a Leopard tank driving simulator
  • 02:29 ~ Ukrainian tankers operate a simulated gun platform
  • 02:40 ~ soundbite – Cpt Stefanowice, Deputy Commander, Leopard Training Centre, Polish Armed Forces
  • 03:08 ~ soundbite – Cpt Stefanowice
  • 03:26 ~ soundbite – Cpt Brittney Shki-Giizis, Lord Strathcona’s Horse Regiment, Canadian Army
  • 03:52 ~ soundbite – Cpt Brittney Shki-Giizis
  • 04:20 ~ soundbite – Brigadier General Grzegorz Barabieda, Commander 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade, Polish Armed Forces


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