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Rafael Is Participating In DSEI Japan 2023

Drone Dome [Rafael press release image]

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. will exhibit at DSEI JAPAN 2023 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba City near Tokyo.


Press Release, Tel Aviv, 09 March 2023: Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., will exhibit at DSEI JAPAN 2023, a comprehensive defence and security exhibition to be held March 15-17, 2023, at Makuhari Messe in Chiba City, Japan. Through its exhibit at DSEI JAPAN 2023, the company will introduce its cutting-edge defence technologies that provide crucial security solutions for the most advanced threats.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. has developed, produced and manufactured some of the world’s most sophisticated and commonly used defence systems. The portfolio boasts combat proven and technologically advanced systems like the TROPHY Active Protection System and the IRON DOME Missile Defense system. Both of these technologies achieved recognition by a 2020 Forbes assessment of the “Most Important New Weapons of the Last Decade.”

RAFAEL’s showcase will feature unique, sophisticated technology that can provide solutions for Japan’s operational requirements. The systems have proven themselves to be game changers in providing defence against the most advanced threats. These solutions span from the air, ground and cyber sphere.

One particular system was just featured for the first time at a global exhibition at the end of 2022: RAFAEL’s high energy laser system, IRON BEAM, which allows for a precise and cost effective interception capability for air defence systems. The system will also be showcased at DSEI 2023. In the last year the system was tested in a live trial and successfully intercepted UAVs and other projectiles with the use of a high energy laser. The high energy laser capability has proven its effectiveness and the Israeli MOD has decided to invest in acquiring the technology.

Dealing with aerial threats is a RAFAEL speciality, and the DRONE DOME provides another such layer of protection. The counter drone system has been operationally used to defend airports, critical infrastructure and even been used in worldwide events like the 2021 G7 summit. The system has improved and upgraded with extended ranges and advanced detection, as well as laser capabilities. It is combat proven and operational in the defence services of several countries around the globe.

The dome of defence that RAFAEL offers extends into the cyber domain with CYBER DOME. RAFAEL has a rich legacy in establishing a fortified defence against cyber threats that have been incorporated worldwide. RAFAEL’s cyber defence solutions protect national-level critical services and infrastructure – including the transportation, oil and gas, water and sewage, energy, finance industries – from malicious cyber warfare activities conducted by state actors and independent rogue hackers. RAFAEL was responsible for establishing and leading Israel’s national Cyber Emergency Response Team or CERT program and to provide the cyber defence system to the National Bank of Israel’s Central Credit Register and the Israel Railway’s Authority. RAFAEL’s cybernetic qualitative edge is derived from a combination of extensive operational experience and understanding of evolving security requirements, cutting-edge technology.

Most of all, it is derived from Rafael’s interdisciplinary and integrative know-how and capabilities to protect the most critical and vulnerable assets. The systems in focus at DSEI includes the following systems amongst others:

  • IRON BEAM is a 100kW-class high energy laser system, expected to be the first operational system in its class designed for ground-based air defence against threats such as rockets, mortars and UAVs, delivering engagement at the speed of light.
  • SPIKE NLOS precision guided missiles for helicopters enables surgical hits from far beyond enemy range up to an unprecedented 50 km. The SPIKE NLOS 6th Generation allows for an extended range of protection and minimal collateral damage.
  • RAFAEL’s expertise in precision missiles for helicopters, acquired over more than 2 decades, is based on the globally deployed and combat-proven SPIKE Family of missiles and the experience gained from each successive SPIKE generation. Through close cooperation with customers, RAFAEL has developed a solution for helicopters, precisely adapted to operational needs. The solution’s remarkable new capabilities significantly improve the survivability of both platform and crew, while increasing lethality and preventing collateral damage.
  • WIZARD functions as an effective passive decoy and corner reflector. This system is a fourth-generation passive decoy designed to generate a legitimate false target for anti-ship missiles that make use of chaff discrimination algorithms.
  • CYBER DOME is a comprehensive solution tackling advanced cyber threats, campaigns, and challenges. The CYBER DOME architecture is composed of multiple layers of defence – from the traditional up to the most complex – including unique technology for handling multi-classification information and SCADA systems. The CYBER DOME is tailored to address the customer’s real operational needs, to provide an optimal solution to their challenges.
  • DRONE DOME an operational, off-the-shelf system, ready-to-use anti-drone system, DRONE DOME is an innovative system designed to provide effective airspace defence against hostile and stray drones. It integrates detection, classification, identification, and neutralisation sub-systems to provide an end-to-end, mobile, quick response anti-UAV defence solution for sensitive sites and airspace. DRONE DOME is in operational use with several countries around the world.


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