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Elbit Systems to Showcase at DSEI Japan 2023

Hermes 900 [© Schweizer Luftwaffe via Elbit Systems]

Elbit Systems is to showcase a wide range of products and systems at DSEI Japan 2023 in Tokyo between 15 and 17 March.


Press Release, Haifa, 08 March 2023: Elbit Systems will participate at DSEI Japan between 15-17 March 2023 in Tokyo and exhibit a wide range of products and systems at its booth with both visual and interactive displays.

Elbit Systems is known for its groundbreaking solutions that have led to dramatic changes on the battlefield. The company is a leader in unmanned systems-in the air, on the ground and at sea with a portfolio of systems that includes the Hermes 900 MALE UAV, the cutting-edge ROOK unmanned robotic vehicle and the Seagull unmanned naval platform. At its stand, Elbit Systems will present a range of cutting edge technological solutions that help address both current and emerging operational needs of armed forces.

Unmanned Systems: A model Hermes 900 UAS equipped with a variety of high performance sensors, allowing it to detect ground or maritime targets, over a wide spectral range. The Hermes 900 provides over the horizon, persistent multi-payload capabilities. Procured by the IDF and over a dozen countries around the globe, it is based on the proven and mature building blocks of the Hermes UAS family with the highest level of airworthiness, safety & reliability. The Skystriker fully autonomous loitering munitions (LM) that can locate, acquire and strike operator designated targets with an up to 10kg warhead installed inside the fuselage, enabling high-precision performance. Its electric propulsion generates a low acoustic signature.

Airborne solutions: All in Small compact unified suite for airborne EW self-system that combines a multi-spectral defensive aids suite and electronic support measures, a digital radar warning receiver, IR missile warning system, advanced laser warning system and chaff/flare dispenser. J-Music facilitates effective, reliable, affordable protection to large aircraft against missile threats by integrating advanced laser technology along with a high frame-rate thermal camera and a small dynamic high-speed sealed-mirror turret. The mini-Music is the smallest and most advanced system with a powerful laser for small to medium helicopter and fixed wing aircraft. The compact, lightweight system has a powerful fibre laser for efficient operation and a thermal camera for accurate acquisition and tracking. iSnS (Immune Satellite Navigation System) enables reliable, non-stop GPS/GNSS operation. The sophisticated solution provides full jamming immunity for multiple satellite channels and handles multiple interfering signals and/or jammers operating on concurrent frequencies.

Elbit Systems will also display its Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) Pod. The Helmet Display and Tracking System (HDTS) features enhanced situational awareness capabilities including colour symbology and Line-of-Sight technology for improved mission effectiveness and survivability. The solution can be installed on any helicopter, Eastern and Western, and is in operation on thousands of helicopters, accumulating over 2.5million operational hours on different platforms. Elbit Systems will also display its 5th generation avionics as well as the Large Area Display (LAD) and a mock-up of the Head Up Display (HUD) as part of the next-generation cockpit.

Land & Communications Solutions: The Iron Fist Active Protection System (APS) provides armoured platforms with 360-degree protection from a wide variety of anti-armour threats. The Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS) high-precision, multi-purpose weapons station designed for dynamic or station operation and can be used on stationary, mobile or naval platforms. E-LynX radios are deployed at group and platoon levels and installed on board various combat vehicles. A key enabler of networked warfare capabilities, the E-LynX radios are capable of dynamic and autonomous optimisation and enable fast, resilient and secure communications in any terrain. A comprehensive range of solutions for combat and non-combat Search and Rescue (SAR) applications that offer reliable performance and accuracy with operational capabilities designed to support diverse emergency conditions and mission requirements. Advanced Data Link offering secure multi-point communications for mobile or stational tactical platforms.


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