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Teijin Aramid ~ Setting The Circularity Turnaround In Motion

Twaron Filament Yarn for ballistic protection [©Teijin Aramid]

Teijin Aramid offers a sustainable future for ballistic protection ~ join them at Future Forces 2022 for ‘Setting the circularity turnaround in motion‘.


Press Release, Arnhem, 17 October 2022: At Teijin Aramid, we design better, more sustainable materials for ballistic protection.

We’re the biggest aramid manufacturer in the world, and Twaron, our para-aramid, is used in various soft and hard ballistic protection solutions – from body armour and ballistic helmets to shields, armoured vehicles, and more. Many of today’s protective vests are made of Twaron, which provides enhanced protection, comfort, and an excellent performance-to-weight ratio. In vehicle spall liners, the material forms protective layer to defend passengers from secondary fragments.

Join us at Future Forces 2022: We’re determined to improve the circular economy in the ballistic protection value chain and have critical insights to share. At our Future Forces 2022 presentation, ‘Setting the circularity turnaround in motion’, Teijin experts will describe how partnering with supply-chain stakeholders for circularity can give products new lives. They’ll explain how focusing on product (re)design, take-back logistics, and cleaning and recycling technologies provide routes for recycling end-of-life para-aramids.

Are you interested in discovering how Twaron can be used in solutions for various threat levels? Meet us at Future Forces 2022 in Prague to discuss how our solutions can add value to your ballistic applications.

Twaron® is registered to Teijin Aramid