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Bundeswehr HEP 70 ABC Defence Package To Ukraine

Library image of a Bundeswehr HEP 70 [© Michael Jerchel †]

Germany is providing Ukraine with a comprehensive HEP70 ABC (Atomic, Biological and Chemical) defence package from Bundeswehr stocks.


Press Release, Berlin, 28 July 2022: [auto-translated] Federal Minister Lambrecht has decided to provide the Ukraine with a comprehensive package for ABC (Atomic, Biological and Chemical) defence from the Bundeswehr stocks to NATO.

The package includes decontamination systems of the HEP70 type (Haupt -Entstrahlungs – Entseuchungs – Entgiftungs – Entwesungs – Platz). This includes six vehicles, each with complete decontamination equipment with two tanks and including a significant initial supply of decontamination agents. With this support, the Ukrainian armed forces are immediately capable of mobile decontamination. The total package is worth over 860,000 Euros. The delivery of this material does not foreseeably limit the operational readiness and task completion of the Bundeswehr. The training of the Ukrainian soldiers on the device has been completed.

Library image of a Ukrainian decontamination team on a training exercise at Yavoriv in 2019 [© Bob Morrison]

Minister Lambrecht: “The Bundeswehr not only supports Ukraine with heavy weapons: I have decided to now also deliver a German ABC defence package. This will provide the Ukrainian Armed Forces with the instantaneous agent removal capability they need!”


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