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You Were Only Supposed To Blow The Doors Off!

© Bob Morrison

You might not have blown the doors off, but when we racked up the 20 Millionth page view of JOINT-FORCES earlier today it sure felt like it.


When we created JOINT-FORCES.com, as a stopgap measure following the unexpected sudden closure of COMBAT & SURVIVAL Magazine and the dmise of its publishing house, we set ourselves monthly page view targets in the tens of thousands. In the first 18 days of October the website has already attracted over 725,000 page views, so it looks like we were not exactly overly optimistic with our aspirations on that sad day back in 2018 when our team were thrown out in the rain.

Of course the editorial team needs to put in a fair bit of work to keep our webite readership intersted and opening pages, but without the silent support of our Sponsor / Advertiser friends in the industry we would simply not be able to achieve what we do. Please thank them for helping us keep our readership informed, subscription-free, by clicking on their adverts whenever looking for new / replacement kit.

JOINT-FORCES.com really is a team effort and our industry friends truly deserve all our thanks.



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