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US 4th SFAB Deployment to Europe Announced

4th SFAB unit insignia

The US 4th SFAB (Security Forces Assistance Brigade) will deploy to Europe in support of US Army Europe and Africa this autumn.


Press Release, Wiesbaden, 12 October 2021: The 4th Security Forces Assistance Brigade will deploy to Europe in support of US Army Europe and Africa in fall 2021 to support and assist US allied and partner nation militaries in the European theatre. 4th SFAB will do this by establishing sustainable partnerships with the land forces of Georgia, Latvia, North Macedonia, Poland and Romania in October 2021, beginning with six-month rotations.

“The 4th Security Force Assistance Brigade provides specialised, experienced, and purpose-driven US Army leaders who aim to increase allied and partner capabilities and interoperability in support of USAREUR-AF security cooperation objectives,” said Col. Robert G. Born, commander of 4th SFAB, Security Forces Assistance Brigade.

The 4th SFAB initiatives will include advising, supporting, liaising and assessing military capabilities of allied and partner forces. Building trust through persistent presence aims to improve the security environment and to ensure continued interoperability. 4th SFAB will train with partners and allies to deter aggression and defeat adversaries.

The 4th SFAB headquarters will remain at Fort Carson, Colorado, to provide organisational and family support for the rotational battalions. Initially, the 410th Maneuver Battalion will deploy forward to Europe to conduct advisory and assistance operations with their host nation military counterparts. The next force package is scheduled to be the 420th Maneuver Battalion and 430th Cavalry Maneuver Squadron. The 410th Maneuver Battalion is composed of specialised manoeuvre advisor teams and two logistical advisor teams. The 420th Maneuver Battalion also has two manoeuvre teams as well as two engineering advisor teams. The 430th Cavalry Maneuver Squadron has manoeuvre advisor teams with two field artillery advisor teams. Each certified team will advise, support, liaise and assess at the battalion and or company level.

The US Army created Security Force Assistance Brigades to provide conventional advising and assistance capabilities to allies and partners. SFABs increase the ability to perform these tasks on a large scale, by focusing on battalion and brigade sized formations. SFAB teams have Soldiers that have specialised experience as combat engineers, signal support, intelligence analysts, combat medics, wheeled vehicle mechanics and unit supply.

“As the US Army and Joint Forces train together and seek to outpace our adversaries, we must not outpace our allies and partners. 4th SFAB engagements provide Army-to-army relationships vital to large scale combat operations and strategic deterrence,” Born said.


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