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Operation IMPACT ~ Canada Extends Middle East Mission

Library image of Traffic Technicians deployed on JTF Op-IMPACT in Kuwait loading an armoured vehicle and freight aboard a CC-130J Hercules to support CAF personnel deployed in Iraq [©DND: Cpl Jerome Lessard]

Canada has renewed its Operation IMPACT military contribution to support stability in the Middle East for a further twelve months.


DND/CAF News Release, Ottawa, 30 March 2021: Today, the Honourable Harjit S. Sajjan, Minister of National Defence, announced that the Government of Canada is extending Operation IMPACT until March 31, 2022. The purpose of Operation IMPACT is to build the military capabilities of Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon, and help set the conditions for security and stability.

This one-year renewal of Operation IMPACT will allow the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) to continue to play an important role in Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon. As part of the Global Coalition and NATO Mission Iraq, the CAF will continue to work with its partners and Allies to ensure the enduring defeat of Da’esh and promote regional stability. The renewal of Operation IMPACT will also allow the CAF to continue to provide training and capacity-building assistance to the Iraqi Security Forces, the Jordanian Armed Forces and the Lebanese Armed Forces.

Since Operation IMPACT began in 2014, Canada has been consistent in supporting our partners in the Middle East, helping to support peace and security. The CAF’s presence in the Middle East supports regional partners’ security forces, improving security in the region. The international response against Da’esh has reduced the suffering of many vulnerable populations. We will continue to stand with our partners and Allies to help bring security and stability to the region.

“Canada will remain a reliable partner in multinational operations around the world. By renewing Operation IMPACT, we are reinforcing Canada’s support to our NATO Allies and our partners in the Global Coalition, and continuing our important work in the Middle East. The Canadian Armed Forces continues to help build the conditions for stability and security in the region.” The Honourable Harjit S. Sajjan, Minister of National Defence.

Quick Facts:

  • Canada’s military efforts are diverse and include: Contributions to the Global Coalition; Contributions to NATO Mission Iraq (NMI); and Contributions to building the military capabilities of Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon.
  • The one-year extension of Operation IMPACT includes the authority to deploy up to 850 Canadian Armed Forces personnel in support of the Global Coalition, NMI and capacity-building activities with the Jordanian Armed Forces and Lebanese Armed Forces.
  • Canada has contributed to the Global Coalition to Defeat Da’esh since it was established in 2014. In support of the Global Coalition, Canada conducts train, advise and assist operations with the Iraqi Security Forces and deploys three Griffon helicopters and associated personnel to enhance in-theatre tactical transport, including casualty evacuations, if required.
  • Canada commanded NMI for two consecutive years, from the start of the mission in 2018 until November 2020, when Denmark assumed command. NMI is a non-combat advisory, training, and capacity-building mission. This role complements Canada’s efforts as part of the Global Coalition and Canada’s ongoing commitments towards creating a safe and stable Iraq.
  • Canada’s current contribution to NMI includes 17 Canadian Armed Forces personnel.
  • Joint Task Force IMPACT headquarters continues to operate in Kuwait and includes an Air Detachment comprising two CC-130J Hercules Tactical Airlift aircraft. Its movement of personnel and cargo in the joint area of operations is contributing significantly to Coalition, NATO, and bilateral efforts to build the military capacity of partner nations in the region through its safe and efficient movement of people and goods.
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