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ARMY International Games 2020 ~ Planning Continues

Sniper of the 2nd Combined Arms Army, Central Military District, in the qualifying stage of the 'Sniper Frontier' competition in the Orenburg region in preparation for the ARMY International Games-2020 [© Russian Federation]
Participants of the Russian-organised ARMY International Games 2020 recently discussed the procedure for its conduction at the Second Planning Conference.


News Release 19 March 2020: The Second Planning Conference with participation of ARMY Games 2020 co-organisers states representatives and diplomatic corps took place in Congress – Exhibition Centre Park ‘Patriot’ chaired by the Chief of Main Department of Combat Training of Russian Armed Forces Colonel – General Ivan Buvaltsev.

ARMY 2020 graphic

The event was held via video conference. The representatives of military departments of Azerbaijan Republic, Republic Armenia, Republic of Belarus, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic of India, the Republic of Kazakhstan, people’s Republic of China, Mongolia and the Republic of Uzbekistan on the territory of which will be held contests of ARMY Games 2020 attended the conference remotely.

Military attaches of foreign States, representatives of States co-organisers were briefed at the conference about the locations of the practical stages of the competitions in the course of ARMY Games 2020, admittance conditions for foreign teams, logistical, household, health care, order of border crossing by trains with military and special equipment. The organisers of the competitions announced proposals to introduce a number of innovations in the order of competitions ‘Tank Biathlon’, ‘Open Water’, ‘Military Rally’, ‘Masters of Armoured Vehicles’, ‘Airborne Platoon’ and a number of other competitions.

Also as part of the planning conference, the session of ARMY Games for international organisational committee for ARMY Games preparation took place, in which participants and organisers discussed a number of organisational issues associated with the Provisions of refereeing, the work and composition of the Main Judicial Panel, the distribution of competitions between the countries, organisation of information support.

The ARMY International Games 2020 will be held between 23 August and 05 September. 31 international competitions are planned to be held during the Games. To date, eleven States are ready to hold ARMY Games 2020 contests: Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Belarus, Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic of India, Republic of Kazakhstan, people’s Republic of China, Russian Federation, Mongolia and Republic of Uzbekistan, Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

On the territory of China, it is planned to hold five competitions ‘Suvorov Attack’, ‘Seaborne Assault’, ‘Gunsmith Master’, ‘Clear Sky’, ‘Aviadarts’. Three competitions ‘Masters of Artillery Fire’, ‘Confident Reception’, ‘Falconry’ will be held on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The ‘Warrior of the Commonwealth’ contest will be held in Armenia. The Republic of Belarus will host the competitions ‘Sniper Frontier’ and ‘Polar Star’. Iran has expressed a desire to hold a ‘Depth’ competition. The Republic of Azerbaijan is going to host the ‘Sea Cup’ international competition. Scout units will be received by India for the competition – ‘Army Scout Masters’. Mongolia and Uzbekistan will hold competitions for the second year in a row – ‘Equestrian Marathon’ and ‘Military Medical Relay’, respectively. For the first time, the ‘Field Kitchen’ competition is planned to be held in the Republic of Sri Lanka. The remaining 14 contests will be held on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Currently, the Organising Committee has already received confirmation of participation in the ARMY International Games 2020 from 28 countries, which are ready to present 196 teams.

[ Source: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation ]

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