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Reconstruction Is Now Almost Complete

Our webmaster has now almost completed extensive website reconstruction [©Bob Morrison]
In the early hours of this morning our webmaster commenced a planned upgrade of the JOINT-FORCES.com website and reconstruction is now almost complete.


Almost exactly two years ago, 9th March 2018, our editor and the small team of freelance photojournalists received the bad news that the long established print magazine we had all been contributing to had fallen victim to the unexpected closure of the publishing house which owned it. Within hours we decided to create a new website to try to keep the team, some of whom had worked with each other for twenty or more years, together while we investigated any options with the Receiver.

On Saturday 10th March we had the basic website up and running and on Monday 12th we publicly launched JOINT-FORCES.com – though because we had to cobble things together very fast there were a couple of little glitches to which we had to apply and reapply the computer code equivalent of gaffa tape – aka ‘green nasty’ in the British Army and Royal Marines – to ensure everything kept functioning.

Over the past few days, with our second birthday fast approaching, our webmaster has been undertaking a major programme of upgrading and updating the website to remove glitches and gremlins and bring it up to the very latest operating standards while keeping all existing content largely unchanged. In the early hours of this morning some viewers may have briefly encountered the Undergoing Maintenance notification page for a few minutes and sporadically in late morning the site dropped out for a few seconds at a time while our Webmaster and Editor tested new ‘back of house’ functions on our server. Later this evening our Webmaster will complete the reconstruction process and we might be offline again for a minute or two, but hopefully most viewers won’t notice anything.

As we move into our third year JOINT-FORCES.com continues to increase in popularity and we have now exceeded 5.4 million page views (with over half a million in February alone) at no cost to the viewer and without requiring viewers to submit their personal details by subscribing or registering to read posts. With the help of our Sponsors and Advertisers we have been able to respect your PerSec (Personal Security) and the continued financial support of our friends in the trade means we should remain Free 2 View for the foreseeable future. Please help us thank these supporters by checking out their brands and their online stores next time you are on the lookout for kit or services.


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