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One Million Thanks

Thumbs-up from Chinese SpecOps at the 10th Annual Warrior Competition in Jordan [© Bob Morrison]

Today, just ten and a half months months after starting the JOINT-FORCES.com website, we wish to send a million thanks to the companies sponsoring these pages.


When, in mid-March 2018, the team of specialist freelance photojournalists who contributed every month to the old COMBAT & SURVIVAL Magazine were unexpectedly dumped after the publishing house was placed in Liquidation by a new owner and publication of all titles ceased, we created JOINT-FORCES.com as a new outlet for our work. Several of our friends in the trade, despite themselves having lost money in the débâcle, stepped forward to support us and today ALL are still with us as we achieve our One Millionth Page View.


Please help us thank those guys and gals in the trade who are keeping this website Free-2-View by remembering to go to adverts and hyperlinks on the Sponsors and Garrison Town Shops pages, or to click on the adverts in the top banner and side bar, next time you are looking to invest in new kit or services. Thanks.

Bob, Carl, Mike, Jean, Gordon and the team.

If you came to this page from Twitter or Facebook please Share to help spread the word. Thanks.

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