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Russian CMD Receives TORNADO-G MLRS

The Russian Ministry of Defence has announced that the Central Military District’s motorised rifle units in Samara have received fifteen of the TORNADO-G MLRS.


Press release, 25 October 2018: Motorised rifle units of the 2nd Combined Arms Army of the Central Military District, within the state defence order, received fifteen TORNADO-G MLRS. TORNADO-G is designed to launch strikes against manpower at the open areas and shelters, armoured vehicles, artillery units and command posts.


Modern communications systems and a digital control system allow TORNADO-G to use ORLAN unmanned aerial vehicles for reconnaissance, guidance and correction of fire. This weapon will greatly enhance the combat capabilities of the 2nd Combined Arms Army during performing fire tasks.

[ Source: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation ]

Footnote: The 9A52-4 TORNADO-G system is an updated version of the BM-21 GRAD Multiple Launch Rocket System with a 40-tube 122mm launcher pod on a URAL-4320 6×6 truck chassis.



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