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Screengrab of a Slovakian 5th Special Forces Regiment contestant at 11th ANNUAL WARRIOR COMPETITION

Four NATO SpecOps teams tested their skills against soldiers from around the world during the 11th Annual WARRIOR COMPETITION at KASOTC in Jordan.


Teams from four NATO Allies competed in the 11th Annual WARRIOR COMPETITION, a contest of military skill hosted by the Jordanian Armed Forces at the King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC) near Amman, Jordan. This year, 37 teams competed, including from Slovakia’s 5th Special Forces Regiment, Bulgaria’s 68th Special Forces Brigade, the Czech Republic’s 102nd Reconnaissance Battalion and the United States’ Tulsa County Police Department Special Operations Unit. This footage, supplied by NATO, includes shots of troops from member countries Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and partner countries Jordan and North Macedonia competing during the event; drone shots of the event, with general views of KASOTC; and interviews with two Slovak Special Forces operators.

Footnote: Czech 102 Recce was the highest placed NATO team, in 5th place overall.

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