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UK Light Tactical Mobility Platform (L) Contract Notice

This current service UK Forces All-Terrain Vehicle was photographed deployed on Operation CABRIT in Estonia in May 2023 [© Bob Morrison]

In a recently published Contract Notice the UK MoD announced the Light Tactical Mobility Platform (LTMP) Light Project requirements.


Contract notice for contracts in the field of defence and security; Published 25 August 2023, 6:09pm.

The Light Tactical Mobility Platform (LTMP) Project is to provide the MoD with new high tactical mobility platforms that enable the user to conduct dismounted close combat manoeuvres. The Project has been split into two platform types, LTMP Medium (Contract Number 704573452) and LTMP Light (Contract Number: 703466451) are procured separately. Suppliers are invited to bid against either or both Contracts under the respective adverts. This Advert relates to the Light platform.

Specifications: It is expected that this Contract will procure up to one hundred and fifty-six (156) x LTMP Light (Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) / All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)) platforms, with potential options within the Contract to procure up to a maximum of three hundred and eleven (311) platforms inclusive of the initial procurement. The Contract is for the procurement and through life support of the platforms.

The Authority requires a supplier with a proven track record of providing support to a vehicle platform fleet. The specifications include, but are not limited to:

  • Minimum ground clearance of 180mm+ when fully laden.
  • Minimum speed of 40kph on road when platforms are towing a weight of 450kg.
  • Minimum Payload capacity is 270kg+.
  • The LTMP Light platform can be legally driven on UK highways/roads. 

Please note, suppliers can only bid one (1) platform in this Tender.

The initial support period will be for five (5) years with the option to extend for a further five (5) years in one (1) year iterations. The value advertised within this advert is inclusive of all potential options and is subject to future funding and approvals.

Further details of the platform, quantities, options, and Contract duration shall be set out within the Invitation to Tender (ITT). The Project Team is running this procurement using the ITT process as set out in Chapter 16 of the Defence and Security Public Contracts Regulations (DSPCR) 2011. The Contract Classification is Official Sensitive. The Cyber risk profile for this requirement has been assessed as Very Low. Suppliers will be required to complete the Supplier Assurance Questionnaire (SAQ) as part of the ITT.

Pre-Qualification Tender Stage: The DPQQ (Dynamic Pre-Qualification Questionnaire) will be hosted in the Defence Sourcing Portal (DSP). All Supplier responses will be submitted via the DSP. The DPQQ will close at 17:00 25th September 2023.

The anticipated timetable for the whole procurement process is as follows:

Activity Timetable

  • DPQQ Responses Received (30 calendar days)- Planned Completion 25th September 2023
  • DPQQ Evaluation (Down selected to a Maximum of 5) – Planned Completion October 2023
  • ITT Issued (40 Calendar Days)- Planned Completion November 2023

Whilst it does not intend to do so, the Authority reserves the right to depart from this Tender timetable at its discretion and will notify Suppliers accordingly throughout the competition. As this competition is running in parallel to LTMP Medium (Contract Number: 704573452), the Authority will endeavour to deconflict the two Tender schedules.

Selection Criteria: It is a requirement that the potential Bidders shall supply a sample of two (2) platforms at the Trialling Date (estimated February 2024 – April 2024) at no cost to the Authority. As such, it will be necessary to confirm that this is achievable at the DPQQ stage. Should this not be possible, the supplier will be deemed non-compliant and excluded from progressing to the next stage.

Suppliers are to note the Bid Validity period is likely to be approximately 300 days to allow for full approvals. This is due to the Trial Period, approvals and evaluations that need to be incorporated into the schedule. This will have no effect on the outcome of the ITT evaluation.

Estimated value excluding VAT: £10,400,000


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